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About us

Mawka languages is your reliable partner for the internationalization of your company. From market research to interpreting at negotiations and conferences, to the creation of language content of any kind.

Latest generation technologies, continuous research, commitment and passion enable us to provide high quality services at unbeatable prices.

Our vast international network of collaborators, with the support of professional polyglots from all over the world, allows us to manage urgent and voluminous orders.

We are always attentive to the needs of our clients.

We love to find solutions for complex projects

Our services


Being competitive on international markets today is a necessity that should not be underestimated in a selective context such as the globalized economy.

Thanks to a network of local professionals, located all over the world, Mawka languages can offer its clients the market research service and the linguistic support necessary to expand their business.

Foreign business consultancy

One of our employees goes to the client’s company to carry out foreign commercial tasks, such as handling phone calls and correspondence, organising meetings with foreign partners and/or suppliers and participating in trade fairs abroad.


Interpreting for negotiations

The negotiation interpreter assists the client during live business meetings and negotiations, meetings, international fairs and visits abroad. In addition to translation, the interpreter provides linguistic-cultural advice to facilitate communication between the parties. 

Simultaneous interpreting

Mawka languages provides simultaneous interpreting services for any type of event: from regular business meetings and press reviews to conferences and events of all kinds. This is the optimal solution in conferences, where the interpreter is housed in a special soundproof booth and provides a simultaneous translation of the orator’s speech.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is used in round table situations and does not require the use of technological equipment. It is generally requested for seminars, debates and meetings.

 Chuchotage (whispered interpreting)

Whispered interpretation (or chuchotage) is simultaneous interpreting without technical aid and booth; the interpreter is seated or standing next to the client and whispers the translation in the target language.

Multilingual hosts and stewards

Qualified, serious and reliable staff providing linguistic and image support to our clients during fairs, promotional activities, meetings, congresses, photo shoots and other events.


Technical Sector 

Our company specialises in the translation of technical texts. The translation of manuals, guides and instructions requires terminological precision and possibly the glossary already used by the client. We develop or improve sector glossaries in close collaboration with the client. Our key sectors are engineering, construction and energy.

Advertising Sector

The translation of commercial texts (brochures, presentations) requires special care, it being the client’s business card abroad. We provide accurate translations, perfectly adapted to the target audience as far as syntax, style and terminology. Before sending your materials to print, you can request our proofreading service on the layout; our expert linguists are at your service.

Economic-Financial Sector

Financial documents, such as financial statements and contracts, are texts that require specific expertise and specialization. Since legal/financial systems are different for every country, the person who translates them must possess knowledge of the peculiarities of both in order to transmit the contents of the original document in a precise and unequivocal manner. We guarantee quality service thanks to experienced translators. 

Legal Sector 

We collaborate with notary firms, lawyers and accountants, legal offices of companies and professionals in Italy and abroad, always guaranteeing maximum confidentiality, absolute precision and compliance with delivery deadlines.

Sworn Translations 

Affidavits and Apostilles

Linguistic assistance in hearings and notarial deeds

Other services

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What our clients say about us

Mawka languages was of great assistance with helping me with subtitling into Russian and Ukrainian for my videos on my YouTube channel ‘Conor Clyne – Tsar Experience’. I can sincerely recommend her translation work to be of a high standard.

Conor Clyne, Tsar Experience

Abbiamo avuto l’occasione di collaborare con la dr.ssa Alisa Panayeva, che ha accompagnato molti funzionari come la segretaria e assistente linguistica, in alcuni viaggi all’estero. Confermiamo la competenza e la professionalità dimostrataci, e ne consigliamo senz’altro l’impiego.

Ing. Eugenio Riva, Riva Arredamenti

Avevamo bisogno di tradurre il nostro catalogo in lingue russa e inglese in tempi piuttosto stretti. Nel contattare mawkalanguages abbiamo trovato il personale cordiale ed attento alle nostre esigenze di consegna ed alle peculiarità del nostro settore. Ottima qualità a prezzi contenuti.

CEO Mario Aquilino, Maxlife

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